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On the left is a woman with mid-length dark hair wearing a three-quarter sleeve, plum color shirt, with her back to the camera. On the right is a boy standing on playground equiptment, with short curly hair, purple sun glasses, a grey short sleeved buton up, and pink shorts.

From Infants to Teens.

Date Nights to

Weekend Getaways to

After School.

For When You Need a Break.

A photo of a living room, with a table and couch in the forefront. The wall behind the couch has a full horizontal bookshelf filled with light colored books. On top of the book shelve is plants, candles, and other assorted living room accessories. Behind the book shelve are four assorted pictures. The couch is mid-centry modern and cobalt blue in color, with a pink throw pillow. In front of the couch is a small side table that has gold metal legs, and a black and white table top. On top of the table is a plant in a pink pot.
House Sitting

You're Away but...

Plants Stay Green,

Mail Gets Collected,

You Have Peace of Mind

A golden retriever and a tabby cat cuddling head-to-head with plant foliage in the background.
Pet Sitting

Doggies, Bunnies, & Cats


All the Walks, Pets, & Feeds that They Could Ever Need!

For Your Best Friend

Masking is no longer mandatory for Babysitting Appointments, however, it is optional for the family to request for their sitter to be masked. Sitters are allowed to mask during otherwise unmasked appointments if they wish. 

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