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A young baby boy in a baby swing at a park. Baby has brown hair, brown eyes, and is smiling. He is wearing a blue, white, and black plaid shirt.
Two yong white girls on a rope playstructure with the blue sky behind them. Both girls have short blond hair. Girl on the left is younger and is wearing jean shorts an a grey top. Girl on the right is a little older and is wearing a blue dress.
At  park is two young white boys and a white woman. In the foreground is an older white boy wearing a black t-shirt and light colored shorts with long brown hair. He is playing on a park structure. Behind him is a younger boy wearing a blue button up and pink shorts. Both boys are on the right side of the photo. On the left in the background is a woman with mid-length brown hair, wearing a three-quarter length plum shirt and jeans
A white boy with a park in the background. Boy has short brown hair and is wearing a purple t-shirt with white stripes
baby girl with light blond hair, wearing a blue onsie.
on the right, a woman white woman with blond hair wearing a black dess with a small pattern, mid run. Two small children sitting in the lower left corner.


Date Night & Occasional Sitters are here to give you some "Me Time"

Starting at $18.81/hour

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Consistent Sitters are here for your weekly needs so you can get those errands done

& more

Starting at $18.81/hour*



A weekend away just got less stressful. Here so you can really enjoy your time away.

Starting at $18.81/hour 

+ $60/night


Group Sitting

Got a company event? Wedding?

We've got you covered!

Starting at $20/hour/Sitter



Everyone deserves a hand! We are proud to be able to offer families who need an extra hand a discounted price!

*Some of these services require 50% deposit on services. Learn More
**Nannying Rates are subject to frequency, sitter's qualifications, and contract negotiations.
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