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A woman and a boy in a park with a school structure in the background. Woman is on the right, boy on the left. Woman has mid-length brown hair, a three-quarter sleeve plum shrt and jeans. Boy has short brown hair, and is wearing a purple shirt with white stripes and lime green shorts. Both subjects are smiling.
A white woman with a park in the background. Woman has mid-length blond hair. She has a pair of glasses on top of her head. She is wearing a black shirt with small floral pattern, and a minimal triangle necklace.
A young white girl playing on a rope play structure in a park. Girl has short blond hair, and green eyes. She is wearing a grey t-shirt, and has different colored nail polish on her hands.


Applications are always welcome, as we are always looking for new Sitters to join our Club! We are an LLC so you will be contracted with The Portland Sitters Club. To apply, please fill out the application below. Be prepared to be contacted about scheduling an interview. 

We ask that all applicants please meet the following criteria:

  • At least 18 years of age

  • CPR Trained & Certified

  • First Aid Trained & Certified

  • Have a reliable form of communication i.e. a cell phone that can receive texts, or a smartphone.

  • Have a Venmo or Paypal account

  • Have at least 1-2 years of experience

  • Have at least 12 hours of availability each week.


Preferred but not required-

  • Reliable transportation (i.e. a car)

  • A drivers license

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