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House Sitting

Mid century modern style office. Cobalt Blue wall, with two bookshelves against it, and a small cabinate. In front of the storage unit sits a brown mid-centry modern desk, and desk chair. Various office accessories like books, lamps, clocks, and plants around the room.
Mid-centry modern neutral coored kitchen. Marbled counter tops and cabinates, dimond shaped beige backsplash. The kitchen island is large and has a gas range stovetop. 4 wire barstools are in the forefront of the photo. Various kitchen accessories spread around.
A photo of a home,that has an angle looking into two rooms. On the left is a living room with a grey mid-centry modern couch, a patterned pillow, and blue throw. Behind th couc is a floral patterned wallpapered wall. Also seen is a window with grey curtains, a coffee table with a woode top and metal legs, and a grey chuncky rug. In the center of the photo is two hexogon shelves sitting on the floor. To the right of the shelving unit is a mid-century modern floor lamp that is made of wood with a white lamp shade.
Four pots sitting on a window ledge. Three are various succulents in three pots on the right. Left most pot has an orchid.
A warm living room. From left to rght there is a white arm-less chair, a white entertainment center with a tv, and plants on either side of the entertainment center. Behind the entertainment center is a white piece of art. Continuingt to te right there is a curtained door, a photo gallery, and a white arm-less couch. In front of the couch is a pine coffee table.
close up photo of a grey couch. from left to right there is a grey blanket, a coutour magazine, and three pillows. The pillows are all black and white patterned. Firt pillow is a dimond pattern, then a stripped pattern, then a dot pattern.

 ​We visit your home and collect the mail, bring the cans to the curb, sitch the lights, and water your small house plants! 


Starting at $22.81/hour

Voyage Visits

animation (8).gif



In addition to a standard Voyage Visit, we will give your gardens a deep watering, & perform light housekeeping tasks

Starting at $24.81/hour

Deep Water

In addition to Deep Water visit, we will stay in your home for that extra peace of mind, as well as some moderate housekeeping tasks

Starting $60/night*


*Note this service does not include pet sitting or pet services. For Pet Sitting, please click here.
**These services require 50% deposit on services. Learn More
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