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A child's bird drawing on a blue background, with the word 'hello' animated in the top left corner as though it is being handwriten in real time. The bird has red head, eye, beak, and back, with green around the eye, a purple neck, and black tail feathers. Text in lower right corner indicate that the bird was drawn by Aiden who is 7 years old.

Aiden, Age 7

A photo of a home,that has an angle looking into two rooms. On the left is a living room with a grey mid-centry modern couch, a patterned pillow, and blue throw. Behind th couc is a floral patterned wallpapered wall. Also seen is a window with grey curtains, a coffee table with a woode top and metal legs, and a grey chuncky rug. In the center of the photo is two hexogon shelves sitting on the floor. To the right of the shelving unit is a mid-century modern floor lamp that is made of wood with a white lamp shade.
Sitting on a sidewalk with grass in the background sits a young girl with short blond hair and a grey t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and strappy sandles. Right of her is a woman with mid-length brown hair, three quarter length sleeved plum shirt, jeans, and black sneakers. To the right of he is a boy with short hair, a purple t-shirt with white stripes, and lime green shorts. All subjects are smiling.

Striving for Excellence

Portland Sitters is committed to excellence, delivering top-notch services with a focus on quality. With pride, we have been serving the community with childcare, pet care, and house-sitting services since 2016, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction for our clients.

Close-up shot of a black pit bull with brown eyes looking straight at the camera. The dog is wearing a blue and orange horizontally striped collar.
Woman wearin dark colored hirt and dark pants and dark hair covering her face playing hide-and-seek under the shade of at tree in a park. To her left is a boy facing her (his back towads the audience), with his face covered, and wearing a purple short sleeve shirt with white stripes
A young baby boy in a baby swing at a park. Baby has brown hair, brown eyes, and is smiling. He is wearing a blue, white, and black plaid shirt.

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