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Fees, Terms & Conditions, & Liability

Fees & Cancelation

* Agency Fee: There is a 1% service charge added to each appointment

** Processing Fee: There is a 4.5% processing fee added to each appointment, plus a 3.3% invoice fee where applicable.

*** Pet Sitting, House Sitting, and Babysitting (appointments 3+ hours) require a 50% deposit, in case of last-minute cancelation, the deposit is used towards final payment.

- Cancelation Policy:

Less than 48-hour notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount. The 50% deposit goes towards cancelation, but if the appointment is fulfilled the 50% goes toward overall payment.

No-shows/same-day or less than 24-hour notice will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.

Thank you for understanding that our time is important.

Appointments canceled before the 48-hour mark will be refunded the full amount. However, Square may not refund the processing fee. This is out of our control, and for that, we apologize. 

COVID-19 Cancellation: If appointments are canceled either by the Sitter/Agency or Family due to COVID-19 symptoms within the family unit, the family is required to pay a cancelation fee equal to 50% of the original appointment time. 


- -Mileage Fee:

We will be charging by the mile plus the processing fee. ($0.81/mile total)

--Invoice Late Fee & Policy:
We will charge $5.00/day for any overdue invoices. Failure to pay will have the following consequences- on the first infraction, the client will not receive services until the previous invoice is paid with any applicable late fees. On the second infraction, the client will be banned from receiving services.

Goup/Event Sitting Fee/Structure:

The organizers of the event will have two invoices sent to them. The first will be a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the date and Sitters for the event, as well as a $50.00 coordination fee that is non-refundable. This first invoice will be sent along with this contract. The second invoice will be sent two weeks prior to the event date for the second half of the required payment for the event, as well as mileage for each sitter ($0.81/mile total).
Paying the first invoice and signing this contract will secure your dates. A $5.00/day late fee will be incurred for any invoice that is not paid by the due date (applies to the first and second invoices). 


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