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Ashlei Brady

A white woman with pink foliage in the background. Woman is identified as Ashlei Brady. Ashlei has mid-length brown hair. She wears a black shirt and white scarf. She wears black rectangle glasses.
Prounouns: She/Her/Hers
Ashlei is an alumnus from Roosevelt High School and is currently attending Portland State University to obtain her Bachelors in Engineering. Throughout high school, Ashlei has watched the her neighbor's kids while they went on a date night or had to do work. While being in Key Club, Ashlei always volunteered to go to local elementary schools to watch the kids during PTA meetings. A few summers ago, Ashlei began teaching kids aged 4-14 how to play tennis. She enjoys being creative, playing/watching sports, and laughing.

Ashlei overall has 4 years of childcare experience.

-Vaccinated against COVID-19.

-Ashlei is comfortable with all animals.
Clean Background Check.
-Has driver's license and personal transportation.
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